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Our personal trainers will help you achieve the following goals:

  • Body shaping
  • Losing weight, muscle mass gaining, muscle toning
  • Perfecting motor abilities
  • Improving strength, speed, endurance and mobility
  • Rehabilitation and post-surgery exercising
  • Muscle imbalance elimination
  • Posture improvement and back pain elimination

Exercising with a personal trainer shows better and quicker results because:

  • Personal trainer chooses the appropriate exercises and methods.
  • Personal trainer is in charge of running the training process appropriately and deciding on the right intensity and volume of the training.
  • Personal trainer will give you advice on the diet and he can also provide you with nutrition supplements.
  • Personal trainer provides motivation for trainings.
  • Personal trainer takes care of safety during the training process and minimizes the chances of injury.
  • Personal trainer is in charge of the necessary equipment.

It takes 3 months to achieve results

How many times have you already tried for yourself and you haven’t succeeded? It is necessary to adjust all the parameters according to your own abilities, so that the training can become a new way of life. You have to come at least 3 times a week for 2 hours. It seems to be much, but it isn’t, you’ll see…

  • Month 1

    We start with testing you and getting to know your body - by using a sophisticated device (BIA) we can accurately see all the positive and negative parameters of your body structure, as well as check your shape. These results provide us with a complete image of you and your physical and motor abilities and we use them to create a program just for you. During the first month we will work on involving the entire body in the training process and preparing musculo-sceletal system is our task number one.

    Although we think muscle adaptation is the biggest problem we have, it is actually in the central nervous system and the endocrine system (i.e. hormonal status) where the greatest battle is fought. The appropriate program and the right choice of exercises by a professional personal trainer make your start much easier. Having three trainings a week for a month already leads to visible and measurable results.

  • Month 2

    Having adapted to the training process, exercising becomes more serious and the training process is changing. Trainings last longer and become more intense. The body accepts the work load more easily and the results become more visible in each training.

  • Month 3

    At the beginning of this month the results are clearly visible and it’s time for perfecting particular details, such as strengthening the muscles of certain body parts or defining abdominal muscles. In the third month we start doing exercises that target your personal goals.


Having trained for three months, you are ready for the next level. You have certainly got a basis that we can upgrade together any way you want (e.g. you can continue losing weight or improve strength); we always adapt training to your goals providing you with professional advice.

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What makes our team special is our focus on achieving our clients’ personal goals

Ivan Sinadinović

sports and physical education teacher, a trainer and a manager

Many years of experience in working with professional sportsmen. Always positive and motivated. Professionalism in the first place!

Nenad Maksić

sports and physical education teacher, a trainer,

Former sportsman, an excellent motivator, positive, smiling. A great success in programs aimed at losing weight and tissue restructuring.

Draško Obradović


A former excellent goalkeeper, now strict, principled and excellent trainer who transfers his experience to his clients.

Luka Polak


An excellent diagnostician of sports injuries and a therapist who solves your problems through different types of massage or using sophisticated devices.

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