Fit BIZ program is intended for business people who wish to have our personal trainers provide them with a professional, adequate and best-quality training process whose final aim is the improvement of their physical fitness, diminishing tension and eliminating stress.

Swimming pool

If you wish to run away from noise, stress and crowd, at least for a little while, you don’t have to search for long. In our object you can dive into peace and relaxation using our swimming pool. By swimming you involve all the muscles and it helps you stay fit, healthy and satisfied.


Sauna has a beneficial effect on your health. In sauna, pores open up and toxins are eliminated from organism.

Sauna also has a beneficial effect on organism’s thermoregulation. Body temperature in humans is steady, so if the temperature of the environment is increased, sweat glands are activated and the skin emits the surplus of heat through sweat. Toxins leave organism together with sweat.
After a short period spent in sauna, there is a phase of cooling using a short cold shower. This way narrowing of blood vessels is provoked, blood flow to the heart is facilitated and normal blood pressure is established.


Hydro massage is a natural type of massage where water is used for performing massage. Increased water temperature during hydro massage leads to stronger immunity.
It is recommended as an extremely efficient way of relieving tension and stress from the mind and body. It is a well-known fact that hydro massage is beneficial when fighting painful states in spine, muscle strains and inflammation, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, headache, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and other types of chronic pain.

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What makes our team special is our focus on achieving our clients’ personal goals

Ivan Sinadinović

sports and physical education teacher, a trainer and a manager

Many years of experience in working with professional sportsmen. Always positive and motivated. Professionalism in the first place!

Nenad Maksić

sports and physical education teacher, a trainer,

Former sportsman, an excellent motivator, positive, smiling. A great success in programs aimed at losing weight and tissue restructuring.

Draško Obradović


A former excellent goalkeeper, now strict, principled and excellent trainer who transfers his experience to his clients.

Luka Polak


An excellent diagnostician of sports injuries and a therapist who solves your problems through different types of massage or using sophisticated devices.


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